Desolation Standup Paddleboard Technology

The Design process

Desolation standup paddleboards are designed by leading naval architects on the San Francisco Bay. These naval architects have a strong understanding of design and bring a whole new meaning to the word “technology”. Desolation Outdoors offers a model for every purpose and experience level from racing, touring, SUP surfing and cruising.

Our CONSTRUCTION: One Unmatched Method

We construct our standup paddleboards with one select group of materials that is best for every form of paddler. All Desolation standup paddleboards are constructed over closed cell EPS foam using a sandwich of carbon fiber and innegra. Carbon fiber helps make our boards lightweight and torsionally very strong while innegra keeps them durable. Desolation standup paddleboards offer the highest strength to weight ratio in the industry and will offer a lifetime of durability.

Reinforced Where Others Are not

Desolation SUP boards are reinforced in every location imaginable. Desolation SUP boards all come equipped with carbon fiber reinforced rail sections, standing area’s, fin boxes and leash plugs. Our boards are designed to perform, handle abuse and last.

Only the best components are used

All Desolation SUP boards come equipped with our signature easy grip/non slip handle to ensure that transporting your board is simple. On our wider board models, we have installed the handle at an off-set to make carrying the board under your arm a breeze. To top it off, our boards come with EVA deck pads installed that are lightweight and will not soak up water. With our self venting vent plug, you can forget it is even their.


The boards we build reflect our vision of how a board should be built