How we design our boards

Our background in standup paddleboard and yacht design ensures our boards are produced at a level not offered elsewhere. We have a deep understanding of hydrodynamics and the individuals designing Desolation standup paddleboards are naval architects and marine engineers. Our performance oriented SUP boards are designed for all skill levels.

The Materials WE USE

Carbon Fiber:
Carbon fiber offers an unmatched strength to weight ratio and is one of the strongest composites available. Your Desolation SUP and paddle will be incredibly lightweight, durable and strong. 

Carbon fiber will not fatigue or break down over time. Unlike fiberglass boards that will become brittle and weak with age, your board is built to last.

Carbon fiber absorbs energy. As you paddle through chop, you will no longer have tired feet from the constant vibration.

Epoxy Resin:
We utilize a high quality epoxy resin while laminating our boards. Your Desolation SUP will never delaminate. 

EPS Closed Cell Foam Core:
We utilize a water proof 1lb. EPS closed cell foam within the interior of our boards. This foam helps dampen the vibration caused by chop as you paddle, further eliminating fatigue. 

Reinforcing our boards

In addition to the already unmatched strength of our carbon fiber construction, we reinforce our boards in certain key areas where standup paddleboards are prone to break.

We reinforce the rail sections of our boards with additional carbon fiber. No more cracked rails when you drop your board. 

The standing area of our boards have been reinforced with additional layers of carbon fiber. This not only makes our boards torsionally very strong but eliminates the inevitable soft spots that will occur in fiberglass boards. Our competitors have a habit of adding wood in areas that need reinforcement. This is a poor solution for added strength. 

Fin boxes on competitor boards are prone to breaking .Desolation SUP boards have reinforced carbon fiber fin boxes to eliminate breakage. 

Leash plugs take on a lot of abuse while out in the surf. To account for the stress, we have reinforced our leash plugs with additional carbon fiber. 

The Components

Easy Grip/Non Slip Handles:
Our handles are constructed of a highly durable, lightweight, marine grade plastic that has ridges and texture in the handle section. Your hands will never slip from your board during transport. 

Self Venting Plugs:
We have installed self venting plugs on our boards which eliminate the need to remove your vent plug while storing your board. Your board will never delaminate.

EVA Deck Pad:
We use only EVA Deck Pads for the standing area’s of our boards. This deck pad is a closed cell foam that is lightweight and will not absorb water. It is also highly durable against the elements and easy on your feet.

Off-Set Handles:
We have installed off-set handles on our Ko Lipe standup paddleboard. Rather than you stretching to carry your board, we have brought the handle closer to the rail, making it easier to carry.


The boards we build reflect our vision of how a board should be built