Why choose desolation outdoors?

The boards we build reflects our vision of how a standup paddleboard should be built.

We are the manufacture, the marketing team and the dealer all in one place which gives you and our company a serious advantage. 

We place a huge amount of resources into research and development to ensure the board you buy is the best around. We have a strong back ground in board design, yacht design and hydrodynamics which insures our boards are developed at a level not offered elsewhere. Our boards are constructed of carbon fiber utilizing the best composite sources in the world. We take what we do seriously and we build an incredible product. When you take delivery of your Desolation board or paddle, you are literally GUARANTEED to be impressed. Oh and if you aren’t, just send it back on us! Learn about our guarantee here.

You communicate directly with us. Have a warranty issue or a question? You can call us direct 24 hours each and every single day of the week. Just dial (800) 383-1430

By being a direct to consumer business, there is no retail store markup added to the price of our products. This means you save a whole lot of money and get even better customer service while you save. In many cases, you will save upwards of $1,000 on your purchase. 

We back all of our products with an industry leading 2 year warranty against all manufacture defects and will honor that commitment every time without question. Seriously, we would rather have you be happy than mad. We have great reviews and customers for a reason. Learn more about the warranty here.

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all of our products. Don’t like the product you bought from us? Sorry to hear that but seriously, no problem. We will pick it up at a convenient time for you and return all of your money. Learn more about the 60 day money back guarantee here.

We off free shipping and free returns on all purchases. Our boards deliver quickly to your door and if for some reason you do not care for the product you ordered, no problem at all. We will pick it back up where we delivered it and return your money so there is no hassle to you. You have zero risk when you buy from Desolation Outdoors. Learn more about free shipping and returns here

One last thing. This is truly our passion. We love water, we love the outdoors and we love designing, producing and selling our industry leading stand up paddle boards and long boards. We aren’t looking to build a company and exit quickly. We are looking to build something we can sit back years from now on and say wow, we built that! Thank you for your interest in Desolation Outdoors, we are stoked to have you on board.  

Ever need to contact us? Please feel free to do so at any time. We are open 24/7. 
(800) 383-1430 or you can email us at info@desolationoutdoors.com

How shipping works

Standup Paddle Boards

Shipping is very easy, free and fast. Let’s say you purchase your Desolation stand up paddle board on a Monday morning. We receive your order via our website at www.desolationoutdoors.com and then we process it right away. We contact our shipping company immediately, inform them of your order and they get to work right as we call. If you live in California, your board and paddle will arrive to your door within 1-3 business days free of charge. If you live outside of California but in the Western United States, you will receive your board and paddle within 2-4 days. For customers outside of the western United States, you will receive your order within 3-7 days. Our partnered freight service will contact you within 24 hours of your order being placed in order to coordinate delivery at a time that works for you. If you have any questions during the shipping process, feel free to reach out to us at (800) 383-1430

Longboard Skate Boards

Looking to purchase a Desolation longboard skate board and interested in how shipping works? Look no further, this is how it happens! You place an order at www.desolationoutdoors.com which we process right away and then contact our shipping partners instantaneously. Your board ships out the same day as your order is placed if not the next and will arrive right to your door within 1-2 days if you live in California. If you live outside of California but within the Western United States, your board will arrive within 3-5 days. Live outside of the Western United States? Don’t worry! Your board will deliver to your door within 5-7 days.

Still have some questions? Give us a call or shoot us an email!

(800) 383-1430


What Makes Desolation Outdoors and its products different?

Desolation Outdoors is a community of sailboat racers, stand up paddlers, competitive snowboarders and long board skate boarders. We come from a naval architecture and marine engineering background and find passion in making boards faster, lighter, more stable and more efficient. Based on the shores of the San Francisco Bay and Lake Tahoe, California, we have two very unique environments to design and produce stand up paddle boards for all conditions. We have the fury of the ocean, the intensity of the San Francisco Bay and the glassy waters of Lake Tahoe right in our back yard. These areas act as world class testing grounds which helps us in designing paddle boards for all aspects and users of the sport. We understand the composites we produce our boards from and how to effectively tap into their best attributes. We are committed to producing meticulous products with no flaw and back all of our boards and paddles with an industry best 2 year warranty and 60 day money back guarantee. Also, with our free shipping and returns, you have no risk. Don't like the board? Just send it back and you don't pay a dime. All of our stand up paddle boards are constructed using carbon fiber to keep them incredibly light and strong. Our long board skate boards are produced with the finest Canadian Maple around and are hand crafted to pure perfection. They perform very well and double as wall art when not in use. It’s the best of both worlds! We know this cannot be found elsewhere and are proud of what we build and the personal service that we offer. We are different in every way and are committed to keeping the fact that we are separate from the norm as our core value. We invite you to experience the Desolation Difference as we are confident you will be amazed after trying our products.

Who are Desolation Outdoors products designed for?

Our stand up paddle boards, paddles and long board skate boards are designed for everyone. Whether you are a world class paddler or just starting out, our boards will be perfect for you. We do this by designing boards that are not just ultra-fast and performance oriented but super stable and comfortable to use. Desolation Stand up Paddle Boards and Long board skate boards will take you to the podium on Saturday and right into a casual cruise on Sunday.

How to take care of your board: Your Desolation Paddle Board

Ok, taking proper care of your Desolation Paddle Board is simple. They are constructed of the highest quality and require very little attention. Keep in mind the listed notes and continue on with a trouble free relationship with your Desolation SUP.

*After every use, wash it with fresh water. 

*When storing the board, unscrew the vent plug but make sure to put the vent plug back in prior to going back into the water. You do not need to remove the vent plug between every use, just every so often while storing the board for long periods of time. 

*Do not store them in the sun for long periods of time. If storing your Desolation SUP in the sun is necessary, store the board in a proper board bag with a heat reflective exterior.

*Take lots of pictures-these boards are divas and love to have their picture taken. Send your Diva shots into us at info@Desolationoutdoors.com

We would love to post them on Facebook! Or, follow us on Instagram @DesolationOutdoors and tag #DesolationOutdoors