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The Boardwalk


The Desolation Boardwalk is the perfect choice for getting around town with minimal effort. This board is easy to ride, easy to maneuver and is a top choice among commuters and cruisers.

Design & Construction Notes:

*Slight deck concave that locks your feet in as you carve but frees them as you push.

*The two front wheels on the deck are cut out to eliminate any chance of wheel bite while maximizing wheel size for better glide.

*At 42" long, this board has an elongated wheel base that gives it great glide so you can push less.

*Handcrafted of 7 ply Canadian Maple, this board is for the most part stiff while offering flex and snap where its needed.

Board Specifications       

*Length: 42" *Width: 9.5" *Wheel base: 32"


*Trucks: Randal II-180mm-50 degree base plate

*Wheels: Autobahn Banshee 70mm x 80A (White with blue hub)

*Bearings: VXB bearings-carbon steel caged with removable seals


Barry L. from Austin, Texas

At 50 years old, I was skeptical of getting back on a longboard. I bought this board as wall art and sure enough, I am out every afternoon heading to coffee on my Boardwalk. This board is beautifully finished and the Canadian Maple looks incredibly sharp. I'm very happy with my board and appreciated the service that Desolation Outdoors gave me as I shopped!

Keith D. from Los Angeles, CA

I had the opportunity to test this board out at an event in San Diego and loved it. I collect boards and have quite a number sitting in my garage. Not only does this board perform but it is a solid choice for cruising around in Newport and Santa Monica. Really easy to ride, great glide and super simple to turn.