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4 Reasons Yoga is better on a SUP

Whether you've heard of SUP yoga or not, it's surely here to stay. With your standup paddleboard and the water below you as your yoga mat, we are confident you'll fall in love with SUP yoga in a heartbeat!

1. SUP Yoga is a better workout.

When performing SUP yoga, your full concentration is required. In order to keep you balanced and above the water, your core is engaged like no other, giving you a great workout! 


2. SUP Yoga connects you with the ocean.

Become one with the ocean... Step onto the water without even having to step into the water. SUP yoga is the perfect platform to connect you with the ocean and the outdoors while helping you key in on the most important part of Yoga: your breathing.


3. SUP Yoga is more relaxing.

Research has proven that the sounds of the water produce a calming sensation... Lay on your floating yoga mat, take a deep breath and enjoy yoga like never before.


4. SUP Yoga makes you a better yogi.

Have the feeling that you're comfortable on the typical yoga mat? Step aboard a SUP and there's no doubt that your skills will be put to the test. Sharpen your current skills and learn to focus on each and every move you make! 

In conclusion, being atop a standup paddleboard (a Desolation SUP in particular) while practicing your yoga technique is an all-around better experience. From providing a great workout that’s not only intense but peaceful, you can improve your technique while enjoying the outdoors. Once you’ve tried SUP yoga, you surely won’t be turning back!