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The Key is Carbon Fiber.

After years of designing, building and testing many forms of standup paddleboard construction, we have come to find one main thing and that is that carbon fiber is key… Step by step, we will walk you through the reasons that carbon fiber is the only way to go and why it is far superior against other composites for use in standup paddleboard construction.

1.) Unsurpassed strength to weight ratio

Five times stronger than steel and one third of its weight...

Carbon fiber is incredibly light and strong. In fact, it is one of the strongest and lightest materials available. Because of this, your board will be lightweight, durable and easy to manage. No more lugging around overweight, low quality standup paddleboards that do not perform well.

2.) Will Not Fatigue Over Time

Lesser quality materials like fiberglass will fatigue over time but our carbon fiber construction will not. When you buy a Desolation SUP, you are buying a product that will offer you continuous performance over the course of a lifetime. As fiberglass boards brittle with time, your carbon fiber Desolation SUP will stay strong.

3.) Absorbs Energy-Low User Fatigue

Carbon fiber absorbs energy. As you paddle through chop, you will no longer have tired feet from the constant vibration. This means, you can paddle longer with less impact to your body. This is beneficial in all aspects of the sport, whether you are racing, surfing or cruising.

4.) Unrivaled Torsional Strength

Carbon fiber does not flex and offers incredible torsional strength. To you, this means every ounce of energy you place into a paddle stroke will be placed into propelling the board forward. No more wasted energy being sucked up by a flexing fiberglass standup paddleboard.

Carbon fiber is the superhero of the materials world...

Carbon fiber SUP boards are lightweight, durable, stiff and built to last. There's a reason carbon fiber is heavily used by the military and in the Yacht Racing, Formula One and Aerospace industries. These are just some of the many reasons we construct our boards from carbon fiber and will continue to do so.