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Go-To Guide for Flatwater Paddling: Southern California

Flatwater paddling is by far the most enjoyed form of standup paddleboarding across the Globe so we figured, why not fill you in on our favorite locations to explore by SUP in Southern California? Through this blog, read about some great locations between the U.S. - Mexico Border and Newport Beach, CA.

San Diego, Imperial & Riverside Counties

  • Tidelands Park, Coronado Island: Tidelands park offers an excellent beach to launch your SUP from and is almost directly underneath the jaw dropping Coronado Bay Bridge. Once you have stepped on board your SUP, you will have immediate views of beautiful yachts, giant Naval ships and the San Diego city front. Head out for a paddle under the bridge towards Glorietta Bay for a glimpse of the famous “Hotel Del Coronado” on Coronado Island.
  • Mission Bay: Approximately 4,600 acres of flat water and 27 miles of surrounding shoreline are just a few of the reasons that standup paddlers flock to the area. Take in views of Seaworld, set off for a SUP fishing session or take a relaxing paddle in the calm waters of the Bay.
  • Salton Sea: With an abundance of history that vanished within the blink of an eye, the Salton Sea is the largest inland body of water in California. Remnants of years past line the water and old cars, signs and abandoned buildings that seem to be left in time make for an interesting sight. More than 400 aviary species have been recorded at the Salton Sea and it's a sure bet that there will always be an exciting sight (or flight) to view. Stay for sunset as it sure will not let you down...


Orange & San bernadino counties

  • Dana Point Harbor: Within Dana Point harbor, you will find great flat water paddling where you can paddle amongst beautiful boats and many other paddlers. As you exit the harbor, you will find yourself in the ocean where the options for adventure are endless. Make sure to bring along your fishing rod as this is a hot spot for SUP fishing.
  • Newport Harbor & Newport Bay: If you love yachts and beautiful homes then you will love paddling in Newport Harbor and Newport Bay! An estimated 9,000 boats line this harbor and the area offers enough water to ensure you will never get bored. When you visit, check out Lido Island, Balboa Island and the Balboa Peninsula. You can head inland too and paddle within the back bay where you will enjoy less boats, less people and some of the most beautiful natural estuaries around.


  • Big Bear Lake: Simply put, Big Bear Lake is amazing. It’s also Southern California’s largest lake and offers beautiful rock formations. When you paddle Big Bear Lake, check out Boulder Bay and Garstin Island as they are great destinations for you to paddle. If you are looking for a serene standup paddleboarding spot, then consider it found!

From saltwater to freshwater, the Southern California region offers a large amount of flat water SUP spots and if you are looking for humbling locations paired with amazing views, you have come to the right coastline...