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Welcoming Our Newest SUP Ambassador: Sky Towle

Welcome, our newest SUP Ambassador Skye Towle to the Desolation team! Follow Skye on her journey into the world of competitive Stand Up Paddling and blogging with Desolation Outdoors!  

Welcome To The Beach Blonde Life

I am so fortunate to live in the hidden gem called Humboldt County. Every day, I get the joy of paddling in one of the most gorgeous places in California, the Humboldt Bay. With incredible access to rivers and lagoons, the area opens up beauty to paddlers that cannot be seen elsewhere. The Stand Up culture is really just beginning to permeate the Redwood Curtain, and I am happy to be a part of the team spreading local awareness of the sport as I work with Humboldt State University’s “Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center” as the organization's lead guide, instructor and outreach team member. I am also proud to announce my newest venture as a brand ambassador and SUP team racer for Desolation Outdoors. One of the things that I love about stand up paddling is that it is accessible and nearly anyone can do it. I appreciate what the sport can give a paddler, from a great workout, to time with friends and family, and potentially the experience of a life time paddling into the vast wilderness. It’s accessible, it’s fun and it opens doors to people that would not have them opened up before. Standup Paddle Boarding is the only sport with a simple fixed cost and an almost costless maintenance fee. This blog marks a point in the next chapter of my life, one that heavily involves stand up paddle boarding.

My love for the sport started with my first paddle on the Wailua River on Kauai three years ago. From this point, my passion for stand up paddle boarding has only grown along with my desire to share the sport with others. This passion is what drives this blog, “The Beach Blonde Life.” By writing this blog, I look to keep all who are interested informed as I enter my next journey in competitive stand up paddle boarding with Desolation Outdoors. As the Beach Blonde, I’d like to introduce myself to you all.

My name is Skye Towle and I was born in Pleasanton and raised in several small towns in Central California. I did the majority of my growing up in town called Sonora, California. From a young age, I have always had a love for athletics. This love for athletics has brought me to where I am today as I complete my B.S. in Kinesiology for Pre-Physical Therapy at Humboldt State and become the newest member of the Desolation Outdoors standup paddle board race and ambassador team. I have always been told that I have the soul of a mermaid which became more apparent as I began to play water polo and compete in swimming during high school. Water has truly become my element and there is no more natural of a feeling to me than being in, on or around water. There is something special about water and even more special as to what water can do for an individual. I look forward to continuing this blog and keeping you in tune with all that I am up to. I thank you for embarking on this journey and wish you all happy paddling. Be sure to keep an eye out on my next posting, because it is right around the corner.