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A Little History on Standup Paddleboarding

What we know today as a sport driven by peaceful times, sheer adventure and performance racing & surfing started off as a much more simple-minded activity. Much less for performance and more so for the simple fact that it was easier, the idea of standup paddleboarding first arose thousands of years ago using canoes or makeshift rafts and standup paddling with an extended canoe paddle. An Egyptian Pharaoh's daughter, Peruvians on their bundled reed watercrafts, or even warriors in some parts of Africa could be considered early adopters of SUP, but the modern day SUP that we know of started to take shape on the shores of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. 


Step back into the early 1940s and you can thank guys like Duke Kahanamoku, The AhChoy brothers, along with John Zapotocky who paddle surfed the beaches of Waikiki for over 60 years. Although these Hawaiian "Beach Boys" may have been the first to stand up on oversized surfboards, it was pro-surfers Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama that helped to create, just 20 years ago, the form of the sport that we enjoy today. 



By 2005 the entire United States was seeing a boom in standup paddleboarding. Now known as one of the fastest growing sports across the globe, you can expect SUP to stay. Whether you're looking to explore or race through an inland body of water, head out to the surf, or just relax, and get a full body workout, this sport is one that can be mastered by most and you can expect its growth to continue in the years to come! For those of us at Desolation Outdoors, staying on the forefront of innovation, quality, and style is a big priority, so follow us on our journey to carving our own path in standup paddleboarding history!