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 The Apex


Designed for tight turning at a high rate of speed, the Desolation Apex longboard is a great choice for the rider who enjoys the technical side of longboarding. Although this board will perform, it has a softer side as well as it’s fully capable of cruising around.

Design & Construction Notes

*Mild drop down deck that lowers your center of gravity keeping you stable, stuck to the pavement and fast as you carve.

*Mild deck concave that locks your feet into place as you carve but not so much that it becomes uncomfortable as you push.

*Wheel cut outs eliminate any chance of wheel bite and at the same time, allow you to make tighter-deeper turns.

*Handcrafted of 8 Ply Canadian Maple, this deck is stiff, allowing you to power up the board without loosing momentum as you carve.

Board Specifications       

*Length: 40" *Width: 10.5" *Wheel base: 30"


*Trucks: Randal II-180mm-50 degree base plate

*Wheels: Autobahn Banshee 70mm x 82A (Blue wheel & white hub)

*Bearings: VXB bearings-carbon steel caged with removable seals


Donald N. from Santa Barbara, CA

My brother purchased the Desolation Apex as a gift for me this year. I have been riding the board for about four months now and am stoked on how nicely it rides. I haven’t had any issues with it and the quality is top notch. 

Brett A. from Ventura, CA

"I am a student at UC Santa Cruz and purchased the Desolation Apex to ride the hills behind campus in my spare time. I love the board and how tight it turns. Also, the components on the board are killer! Not only does this board perform but it looks incredible too. The wood grain and clear coating on the deck is perfect!