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Founded in San Francisco & Lake Tahoe, CA, Desolation Outdoors is a manufacturer of finely crafted standup paddleboards, longboard skateboards & accessories, all backed by a lifetime warranty. Born from passion, experience & community, we are committed to producing products we are proud to build & you’ll be proud to own.

The Passion Started Before The Business

Desolation Outdoors was founded by avid board sport athlete, Torben Yjord-Jackson of San Francisco, California. The company was built from passion and continues to grow with members who live, work and play in the outdoors. 

The story behind the name

Desolation Outdoors is named after the Desolation Wilderness in the Lake Tahoe Basin in our beautiful home state of California. Desolation Wilderness is an incredible 63,960 acre federally protected wilderness area in the El Dorado National Forest in El Dorado County, California, where the crest of the Sierras runs through it. This area is a challenge to access and difficult to venture. Since our company and its members live and breathe the outdoors, and that Desolation Wilderness is right in our backyard, we felt there could not be a better name for our company. The surrounding lakes of Desolation Wilderness are partially where we design our standup paddleboards, as well as on the shores of the humbling San Francisco Bay. Desolation Wilderness is not just a location but also the lifestyle we surround ourselves with.